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Filing a tax return is essential if you're self-employed as a sole trader and earned more than £1,000 or are a partner in a business partnership. You may also need to complete one if you have any other untaxed income such as money from renting out a property, tips, commission or income from savings, investments and dividends.

If you're not sure, the team at Cooke & Co. can advise you.

We complete tax returns for:

  • Individuals and sole traders

  • Partnerships

  • Limited Companies

The self-assessment regime is full of penalties and HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. It is important that:

  • Returns are completed fully & correctly

  • They are filed on time

  • All backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time

The team at Cooke & Co. can provide useful resources, tips, & deadlines to help you manage the successful completion and filing of your self-assessment or we can manage all of your bookkeeping needs freeing up more of your time.

As well as the completion of your return we can also assist with:

  • Advice on your tax liabilities

  • Negotiating with the Collector if necessary

  • Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities

  • Completing all the necessary tax computations

  • Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC, taking the worry away from you

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